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* What is a Traceroute command?

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Traceroute command is software with a command-line interface that you can use to trace, check the route from your device to a specified target like a domain or another device (an IP address).

How to traceroute?

It is extremely easy to find the Traceroute command. You can have it on the most popular OSes like Windows (Tracert), macOS, and Linux. You can be surprised, but it is available on mobile too, iOS and Android.

Among the parameters of the Traceroute command is a value called TTL. It is not the typical time in seconds, but it is a limit for maximum hops. You can put how many hops can your query does to reach its target.

2 examples if you are using Linux (Traceroute):

  • -T use TCP SYN for probing.
  • -d enable socket level debugging.

Check this article! and find more options for the Traceroute command.