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Wonderful and fun private tour seeing locations of The Sound of Music. Not a normal big bus tour, we were 4 plus guide. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

“You are 16 going on 17, you need someone older and wiser telling you what to do…”

Several tour companies do “The Sound of Music” tour, but this was the only that did it in a van instead big bus(coach).  €48pp.  

Our tour guide wasn’t too thrilling, but he was friendly and very knowledgeable about the movie, filming locations, and Salzburg in general. It was a rainy day, so unfortunately we couldn’t visit a luge, but he took us too all the filming location, and more spots.  I never felt rushed at each location. We even had a full hour at Mondsee to see the wedding church, shop, and have relax in a cafe.  

NOT Bob’s fault: the only thing my wife and I did not like was our fellow tourists…they were friendly, but they did NOT sing at all.  Whenever our tour guide put on the music, it was just a duet with my wife and I. Awkward! I’m guessing there are more singers on the big bus tours.

Meh – disappointing.  Sound of Music is my favorite movie of all times.  Booked this early and we impressed by the responsiveness of the email exchanges taken place between BSTours and myself.

Starting off on a odd note – we asked to use the restroom prior to departure.  “Well we usually don’t do that, but you can this time.” hmmmm – heading out for 4 hours and you don’t have a toilet to use?  The bus was fairly comfortable but immediately one of the group states “I get carsick”.  Bingo – she wanted the front seat with her friend and stayed there for the duration.  The other dua groups of tiga divided switched off between the middle and back rows, which in the middle seat on the back row – forget it.  You can’t see a thing.  

Given a cursory tour around the tour office in the van, our guide pointed to this and that, again, couldn’t really see anything.  Then we stopped at the gazebo which was nice and she took pictures of us outside – again, nice.  The drive was pretty for the sights, but not really so much specifically for the sound of music.  We did enjoy seeing the lakes, which were out of town and unfortunately had not scheduled more time to see.

The church where Maria was married was quaint and small and took no time at all to go through.  Then there was an hour?!!? break for a coffee and strudel?  After 45 min our entire class was ready, so asked the guide if we could leave, since we were all ready.  

I don’t know what I expected.  Maybe more singing in the van or more sights? But, even though you are in Salzburg, I don’t think I would waste my money.

A Sound of Music Tour for people who don’t care for the Sound of Music, Bob’s Special Tours provides a more intimate touring experience that avoids that big-tour-bus nonsense.

I’ll be honest – we only did a Sound of Music tour because we felt we must in Salzburg, and this was the tour Rick Steves recommended. Warning – if you’re looking for the big bus, sing-along, Sound of Music-only tour extravaganza, book somewhere else as there are hundreds of those tours you can go on. We booked this tour mainly because we really wanted to go to the countryside and just put up with the Sound of Music stuff. Cash is preferred but you can pay with credit. The vans seat only about 10-12 people. Our tour guide was not excitable, very Austrian-austere but also extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. If you’re used to an upbeat gregarious guide you will want to look elsewhere – if you want someone who is authentically Austrian, this is the place (neat act – Austrians don’t get why The Sound of Music is so Popular and many dislike the movie).

We did stop at some notable Sound of Music locations, including the Palace of Leopoldskron (exterior shots of Von Trapp mansion), Hellbrun Palace to visit the gazebo from the music (which is locked up so American tourists stop slipping and falling off the seats – I’m not kidding), and a visit to the parish church of Mondsee (the wedding church). Yeah, we didn’t care – we mostly wanted to see the Austrian countryside and visit the Salzkammergut/Lake District and the quaint and extremely touristy town of Hallstatt. This is where this tour shines – dropping you off on this beautiful picturesque town made for instagram. This was worth the price of the tour itself.

Overall, if you’re only remotely interested in the Sound of Music but really crave the Austrian countryside, then this is definitely the tour for you. The only negative was we weren’t able to do the “optional” run down a toboggan chute, and it wasn’t made clear to us what affects the “optional” part of that. Other than that, this tour will appeal to you if (1) you hate people singing along with music, (dua) you want to get over the movie touristy stuff as quick as possible, and (3) you really want to see the countryside where the true Austrian experience awaits.

The scenery was amazing and we are confident.

BUT!! Our guide was unbelievably crazy.She was racist.She is American (German-American) and doesn’t like Asian.She thinks every Japanese can’t speak and understand English.She was soooooo impolite.She is kind of mass of malice.For example, she asked us if we have euro (do you imagine? We are in Austria. How we can stay here wo/euro?!), she asked me,”how is your English?”. It’s my first experience to be asked like this. (Actually I’ve lived in U.S. lol)She asked us, “YOU UNDERSTAND, JAPANESE?”.Actually my friend is weak at English but I can translate. She knows that. Then she dare to ask a question to her. She knows my friend cannot answer!!!!!MALICE!!

Also she is anti-muslim. I do not want to listen to her story.

If you are European or American, you can participate in their tour.But if you are not, don’t join them!

I am surprised at any of the poor reviews. We did an all day 8 hour tour and it was the highlight of our trip to Salzburg.  Our son and his family and one other couple in addition to my husband and myself. Sylvia was great. Loved her.  She did a wonderful job and was a terrific driver. Will have lasting memories of this trip forever

We paid for the Bavarian Mountain tour. We were told we would go to the Salt Mines and then to Berchtesgaden. I was especially looking forward to Berchtesgaden, since I was a big fan of the Band of Brothers miniseries. We arrived at the Salt Mine where we were told that the tour was full and we couldn’t go on. We were taken to another salt mine about 40 minutes away instead. Although we were able to get on that tour, we had to completely skip Berchtesgaden to make up for the wasted time. Don’t use this company. You’d be better off with literally anyone else. There was no apology and no offer to discount the price. What an awful was to run a business.

This “tour” is a drive-by / fly-by.  (CHECK THIS LIST AND THANK ME LATER!) The SOM FILMING SIGHTS

Did Bob’s Tour Take Us to the SOM Sights from the Movie??

a. Mirabell Gardens – Dropped off there after tour. No guide.b. Residenzplatz – NOPEc. Nonnberg Abbey – NOPE d. St Peter’s Cemetery – NOPEe. Festival House – NOPEf. Horse Pond – NOPEg. Fronburg Castle – SORRY, NOPE. Drove by and didn’t even get a glimpse.h. The Gazebo – Yes! Finally something.i. Leopoldskron Castle – Yes (you can take a city bus to see this or pay Bob’s!)j. Mount Untersburg – NOPE.k. Mondsee Cathedral – Yes. dua.lima hours into this torture, and then only after the luge stop. And after the bad strudel stop. Then Mondsee. If you REALLY need to see this – rent a car and SAVE BIG! Or hire a limo!!l. St. Gilgen – NOPE.m. Anif Castle – NO, but in all fairness, nobody gets near it. Not even Bob. ;-((


First, you need to read between the lines of all the reviews. (Even Rick Steve’s winks at you about this utter waste of money and time.)

Second, the tour itself is poorly described, poorly run and probably sagging due to age and the crush of tourists eager to “make it easy(ier)”.