Every great story deserves epic background music.

We collected here 29 travel songs that we think can’t be missed on the perfect playlist for travelers.

Some of those travel songs will make your hips move, others are more calm, laid-back.

Just decide for yourself. Either way, those travel songs are the perfect background jingles, when backpacking the world.

This quote “open up your hear, even good things can leave scars, don’t be afraid” is a quote from Ramon Mirabet – Those Little Things (Song #12 in this list!).

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We at Hostelgeeks award the most amazing Hostels in the world. Many of the 5 Star Hostel are also passionate music lover. They organize live concerts, invite musicians, and create a cosy vibe around the music.

Find 17 more backpacker songs you will love as well.

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We want to start this list with one of our favorite travel songs:1. Here we are – Part-Time Friends

Click play, we bet you cannot hold your feet still. We found this song when leaving the Airport in Singapore. We were on our way to Adler Luxury Hostel and ever since, this song reminds us of that time.

Get upwe are still in troubleStill a shambleHere we areInstead of staying in this bowLet’s have a bloody rowHere we areIt’s unfair to love someone who wants to beat you down so muchhere we are

Something rise and fallWe thought we never lost controlSomething tear us apartWe thought we never laughed beforeSomething rise and fallwho though it would be nothing at all

2. Happy Days – Ramón Mirabet

I wonder very far.I am all I’ve known I’m not afraid to let myself go.I say Yeah!I say Yeah!I say Yeah!Could I ask myself for more?

3. Sky on the Loose – Inkfields

Let us a go less mainstream. Meet Inkfields, a solo india rock act from Edinburgh, UK. He is a keen traveller and so many of his songs are travel related such as The Last Ebb, People of the Sea and Svennige.

“Sky on the loose” is our favorite. Listen to the song below and find all his songs on Spotify here.

Messaging like nights before, crashing through the wallI’m using all my strength and breath, I’m gonna show them all

You talk of my impending doom, no promise nor a mythYou justify avoiding me to sell out on a whiff

Oh if I, I want to be the lonely one, I want to be the only oneAnd if I, lord IAnd if I, I want to be the chosen one, I want to be the chosen oneAnd if I, lord I

Don’t you tire of telling me? ‘The world ends at the sky,You’re just a little fish another simple passer by,All your songs and poetry are droplets in the sea’I said ‘That is ok for you, your words won’t follow me!’

4. Fantastic shine – Love of Lesbian

Mediterranean flair all over it. Jump on your Vespa and listen to the track, you will thank me later. Fantastic shine by Love Of Lesbians.

Have I told you lately?We are friends through this trip of…Time, oh, what is time?The kind of thing that no one knowsTake a look at who’s around youSpin in circles, ring round with you

lima. We Are Young – Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe

TonightWe are youngSo let’s set the world on fireWe can burn brighter than the sun

Stay young with this one. WE ARE YOUNG

6. Bicicletes – BLAUMUT

This is my favorite Catalan music class. Get the full album by Blaumut here.

Un dilluns perfecte,Bicicletes sense mans.Tinc un pas de zebra nou, recent pintat.Vols gelat de menta?Les finestres semblen de paper mullat.

Tant soroll que falta l’aire,He perdut la brúixola i el nord,Que dec haver guardat per aquí.Deixa’t de paraules ara,Penja des d’un arbre aquesta

7. Song dua – Blur

I bet you cannot hold still when listen to this one. Get Song dua for your iPod here.


I got my head checkedBy a jumbo jetIt wasn’t easyBut nothing isNo

8. Candy – Paolo Nutini

Oh darling, I’ll kiss your eyes and lay you down on your rugJust give me some candy after my hugOh, and I’m often false explainingBut to her it plays out all the sameAnd although I’m left defeatedIt gets held against my name

9. Someone Told Me –  Jake Bugg

Get the track by Jake Bugg here.

Tried to break from this lonely painSomeone told me I’m just insane oh oh ohBroke my heart when I knew,That I could never be with you oh oh oh

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10. We are the people – Empire of the Sun

We are the people that rule the world

A force running in every boy and girl